MAD Enduro is specialized in enduro mountain biking event.

In 2018, The Asian Enduro Series, an enduro mountain bike race, are set to be held across Asia region including Brunei, Thailand, Nepal, and Malaysia and is expected to see participation from all over the world. The race is to allow riders to compete against each other, starting individually, on special stages which are designed to challenge the rider’s technical ability and physical capacity.

We have successfully hosted MAD Enduro 2018, the Asian Enduro Series 2018 event in Malaysia, with 126 riders from 23 countries.

MAD Enduro is presented by Mad Group Sdn Bhd, the leading company that organizes obstacles course challenge and extreme sports events across Peninsular Malaysia since the year 2015. Consulted more than 20 events annually, leading various well-known brands into trendy sports events, creating more awareness of branding to related companies.